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-Bake 'em, snack 'em, melt 'em, luv 'em

Maine Cottage FoodsŪ gourmet version of low carb chocolate chips. Each Jewel is 100% truly low glycemic chocolate, no waxes or fillers, and weighs in at 5 carats, oops, I mean 1 gram net carbs. Like all our chocolate, they are sweetened with erythritol. Try the new Sweet Dark for a different taste without sucralose.

One serving of 15 Jewels (15g) has just 0.5 g net carbs for milk varieties and 0.7 g net carbs for dark varieties. Net wt. 16 oz (454g, in two packs of 8 oz each.


1# Jewels
perfect for baking
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