Premium quality erythritol sweetened, sugar free, maltitol free and gluten free chocolates in milk, dark and vegan dark,
and low carb, gluten free microwave brownie mixes.

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Luscious Low Carb Gourmet Chocolate
~Eases a low carb life in a hyper carbed world~

All our chocolate is maltitol free, isomalt free, gluten free, and predominantly sweetened with the natural, ultra-low glycemic sweetener erythritol.

We are now offering three distinct chocolates. Milk sweetened with erythritol, inulin and a smidge of sucralose to add forward sweetness, vegan Ultra Dark using the same sweeteners as the Milk, and sucralose free Sweet Dark sweetened with erythritol and extract of stevia. The major flavor difference between Ultra Dark and Sweet Dark is that Sweet Dark has no forward, instant sweetness even though eventually it tastes more sweet than the Ultra Dark.

At this time, Sweet Dark is only available plain. We plan on expanding our sucralose free line of chocolate as we hear back from our customer-friends.

Always free shipping anywhere in the U.S., weather permitting. Our premium chocolate has no preservatives or wax stabilizers, so warm weather and humidity may interrupt our ability to fulfill your order. Once received, the chocolate will keep well in a cool place out of the sun.

We happily accept custom requests. 90% of the time we can provide it for a tiny additional fee, so it doesn't hurt to ask.

1# Bark
One Pack of Candy Bars
Teenies! <BR><BR>perfect portion control
1# Bark

One Pack of Candy Bars


perfect portion control

1# Jewels <BR> perfect for baking
1# Jewels
perfect for baking


Always bringing you the largest variety of genuine, low glycemic, ketogenic alternatives to sugared chocolates since 2003