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BIG NEWS! We've been using lo han guo since 2003, but there were issues that kept us from using it more fully. So we had to be patient, as usual. But finally we will be able to explore new ways of using it in our chocolate!

"Eugene, Oregon July 27, 2012 - Amax Nutrasource, Inc. (Amax) announced the completion of its "Zero" and "Low" calorie blends of Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) and other natural sweeteners which are now all available for immediate distribution. Monk Fruit is a melon that has been cultivated for centuries for its antioxidant properties but recently has been re-discovered for its natural sweetness which is up to 200 times that of sugar.

The Monk Fruit used in all Amax's blends is supported by a successful FDA GRAS application and is the product of over 12 years of development."

We already ordered samples and look forward to trying it.

Food is as much a part of our environment as water, air, and forests. Food molds us, it shapes us (literally) and we adapt to its varied forms and amounts. Some people are just fine in our sugared, super-carbed world. But for those of us who do not do so well, Maine Cottage Foods is a haven and a growing force for making the food environment a kinder place for everyone who loves chocolate.

Maine Cottage Foods ®, LLC (Lucious Low Carb) provides honest, truly low carb sweets to help you enjoy eating low carb, succeed at weight loss and control, and feel safe with your diabetes. Be confident that we are working to create genuinely low-glycemic confections to serve you as effective tools for weight control and for health. You can do it! Absolutely!

Maine Cottage Foods, LLC is where sweetener science is put towards the common good. We've gotten mail wondering about what role a PhD plays, why we choose the ingredients we do and how things work biochemically. So, we are introducing a"TechTalk" section.

Semi-TechTalk: As human-kind spread throughout the globe, seasonal changes in available foods, particularly the amount of sugar consumed, would have provided a real-time snapshot of the risk of starvation to the organism. When to burn and when to store. Lots of sugars meant summer fruits - winter was on the way, so store up some fat. What an advantage it gave us! Pure biology - the actions of a living organism in concert with its environment. Not physics or mathematics. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie to a test tube, but not to the human body. What has messed up our biological balance is that we can get fruit 365 days a year, from all over the globe, and there's tons of grains and starches in convenient, prepared foods. What a hazardous environment!


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updated 8/2012

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