Premium quality erythritol sweetened, sugar free, maltitol free and gluten free chocolates in milk, dark and vegan dark,
and low carb, gluten free microwave brownie mixes.

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 Maine Cottage Foods ®, LLC (Luscious Low Carb) FAQ
updated September, 2011

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How long before I can expect my order?

Our goal is to make and send each order out within 48 hours of receiving it. Usually we can make your treats the same day we get the order and send it the same day or the next day, but sometimes we get orders in clumps, equipment breaks or special ingredients don't reach us as scheduled and these things will slow us down. You can track your order's status using a code sent in our confirmation email to you. Also, if we cannot make and ship your order within 4 days, we will email you so that you know we have not forgotten you and to apprise you of the situation.

Are your foods safe for diabetics?

Everything we offer has been specifically developed and made in-house by Maine Cottage Foods using only truly low glycemic ingredients. These specially selected ingredients promote lower and slower blood glucose levels even though they taste sweet. This is very important for diabetics since they have problems with insulin production or resistance that are worsened by spikes in blood glucose levels. My mother is a diabetic and I know she is totally safe eating our "sweets".

How about people who have had bariatric surgery?

Our customers who have had a variety of gastric surgeries have told us, actually taught us, that our chocolates fit their needs perfectly. We always listen to and learn from our customers. A very diverse, and educated, bunch it seems. We're lucky.

Are the sweeteners really that big a deal, as long as they aren't sugar?

Yes! A look at the glycemic index of sweeteners shows clearly which sweeteners are best. Some sweeteners, like the commonly used maltitol, are actually not that different from sugar, being even higher glycemic than fruit sugars! We use erythritol as our favored sweetener since it has a much lower glycemic response, causes less gastric upset and is lower calorie. A triple play!

The lower a sweetener is on the glycemic index, the less it increases blood glucose levels. A glycemic value of zero represents a sweetener that has �no effect� on blood sugar levels. All values are averages, but serve to rank order the various sweeteners.

Glucose - 100
Corn syrup - 85-92
Sucrose (Table sugar) - 65
Honey - 50
Lactose (Milk sugar) - 46
Polyglycitol / hydrogenated starch hydrolysate - 39
Maltitol - 36. (used in most "low carb" sweets)
Fructose (Fruit sugar) - 23
Erythritol - 0 (used by Maine Cottage Foods)

After eating your chocolate I feel full. I can't eat as much as I could regular chocolate. Why?

The short answer: Our chocolate and baked goods are filling because we designed them to be. They are packed with good, natural fiber, probiotic fiber, protein and natural fats. These make you feel full, while the true lack of carbs/sugar (which fosters binging) completes the effect.

Do you have any low carb treats that are made without wheat?

Yes, everything we offer is gluten free and low carb. All our chocolate is gluten free and all our baked goods are made using a proprietary, gluten-free almond blend instead of wheat flour.

Always bringing you the largest variety of genuine, low glycemic, ketogenic alternatives to sugared chocolates since 2003