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<B>Sweetener Glycemic Ranking</B>

A glycemic value of zero represents a sweetener that has no effect on blood glucose. Thus, the better sweeteners for dieters and diabetics lie near the bottom of the table, nearest zero.

If you tend to have digestive problems, look for sweeteners that are low calorie. Calories per gram indicates how much of the sweetener interacts with the digestive tract where it is metabolized. Four calories per gram is 100% metabolized.

All values are averages, but serve to rank order the various sweeteners.

Maltodextrin - >100
Glucose (Dextrose) - 100
Maltose - 100
Corn syrup - 85-92
Splenda* - 80 (3.3 calories/gram)
Sucrose (Table sugar) - 65 (4 calories/gram)
Honey - 50
Maltitol syrup, 48-53
Lactose (Milk sugar) - 46
Polyglycitol / hydrogenated starch hydrolysate - 39
Maltitol syrup, high-polymer - 36
Maltitol - 36 (2.7 calories/gm)
Fructose (Fruit sugar) - 23 (4 calories/gram)
Xylitol - 13 (2.4 calories/gram)
Sorbitol - 9 (2.6 calories/gram)
Lactitol - 6 (2.0 calories/gram)
Polydextrose - 6 (1.0 calories/gram)
Isomalt - 2 (2.0 calories/gram)
Mannitol - 0 (1.6 calories/gram)
Sucralose* - 0* (0 calories/gram)
Erythritol - 0 (0.2 calories/gram) (used by Maine Cottage FoodsŪ)

* Splenda is not sucralose. Splenda is a mixture of dextrose and maltodextrin, both highly glycemic, added to sucralose. Splenda confers 3.3 calories/gram. Splenda saves on calories since sucralose is so much sweeter than sugar that you use a much smaller amount to achieve the same level of sweetness.

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