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We are socked in with snow even more than usual. We very much appreciate your patience and are sorry for any inconvenience. I really should get a web cam - the view from the kitchen is remarkable!!

The best!!! Lowest Carb Brownie mixes are back by poplular demand.

HELLO and WELCOME to Maine Cottage Foods ®, LLC, the original maltitol-free company since 2003. For more than 10 years we've been making and selling the greatest variety of superior, ultra-low glycemic chocolate anywhere! All our chocolate is truly low carb and gluten free and we also offer sucralose free, vegan and flavor alternatives.

Everything here is sweetened with erythritol and made fresh in small batches using carefully sourced ingredients. We are passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable about the sweets we offer for carb-conscious dieters, bariatrics, and diabetics. Our low carb chocolate is designed to be satiating in small amounts and perfect for all phases and purposes of low carb eating.

We are confident that our sweets will help you achieve your goals. Enjoy!

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Best Brownie Mix
Best Brownie Mix

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1# Bark
1# Bark

Teenies! <BR><BR>for ultimate portion control

for ultimate portion control


Always bringing you the largest variety of genuine, low glycemic alternatives to sugared treats since 2003