Premium quality erythritol sweetened, sugar free, maltitol free and gluten free chocolates in milk, dark and vegan dark,
and low carb, gluten free microwave brownie mixes.

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Our Premium Low Carb Ingredients

Cut to the chase: the net carbs of plain milk chocolate is 0.8g per ounce and of both kinds of plain dark net carbs is 1.9g per ounce.

Maine Cottage Foods, LLC, features truly low carb chocolate that is healthfully free from sugar, maltitol, polyglycitol and hydrogenated fats. Our high standards mean we only use natural fats and premium, non-glucose based sweeteners.

Our most prominent sweetener, erythritol, costs more, but we believe it's worth it because it's so low on the glycemic index. The lower a sweetener is on the glycemic index, the less it is absorbed to spike blood glucose levels. Not only is erythritol a low calorie, natural sweetener that tastes good, but it also has a glycemic index value near 0! A glycemic value of zero represents a sweetener that has “no effect” on blood sugar levels. In contrast, maltitol is 36, and pure glucose is assigned a value of 100.

Please note that we use inulin, a probiotic fiber, since it naturally tastes sweet. One of our chocolate bars has an amount of fiber comparable to a bran muffin! Plus, all our milk chocolate is high in calcium. If you take tums for your tummy, bypass the carbs and eat a piece of milk chocolate instead.

We offer chocolate made with and without sucralose. We add a teeny amount of sucralose to Milk and Ultra Dark for people who prefer a fast kick of sweet. Like the Hershey bars you grew up with. In contrast, Sweet Dark is made without sucralose. It's is a great tasting chocolate, but is more of a gentle "wait for it" sweet experience. Think wine tasting. Sweetness is very complex when using non-sugar sweeteners.

Sweet Dark Chocolate Bars
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Always bringing you the largest variety of genuine, low glycemic, ketogenic alternatives to sugared chocolates since 2003