Premium quality erythritol sweetened, sugar free, maltitol free and gluten free chocolates in milk, dark and vegan dark,
and low carb, gluten free microwave brownie mixes.

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To life!  Wishing a long and healthy one.  L'chaim and Happy Passover!

A chocolate l'chaim symbol wrapped in glorious gold foil in a matching gift bag tied with a ribbon. Chic and sweet. Each serving of three l'chaims (20g, 0.7 oz), has 0.5g net carbs in milk and 1.3g net carbs in dark chocolate. Total chocolate is 120g (4.2oz).

Each gift bag contains 18 l'chaims to spread the good wish over people or time or both!

L'chaim! A Passover treat. Lchaim$14.99Chocolate: 
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