Premium quality erythritol sweetened, sugar free, maltitol free and gluten free chocolates in milk, dark and vegan dark,
and low carb, gluten free microwave brownie mixes.

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Safely Sugarfree Sweeteners

"First, it must taste good.", Arlene, co-founder, May 2003

Our special recipe of sweeteners lets us offer you healthful alternatives to sugared chocolate and snacks. Enjoy our sweets to banish the stress of food boredom and promote diet success.

Maine Cottage Foods was the first and is the only company that is exclusively sugar-free and maltitol-free. We absolutely promise to use only the finest, truest low glycemic sweeteners. We are not a mass market producer that uses inexpensive, bulk sweeteners that look good on a nutrition panel, but that bother your stomach or chip away at your diet goals. We are very serious about offering genuine low carb sweets for serious dieters, sports enthusiasts, and diabetics.

Erythritol is our primary sweetener, here and here, because it meets our strict criterion of being ultra-low glycemic with minimum interaction with the digestive tract. Erythritol is a natural, low calorie sweetener that tastes good and has a glycemic index value near 0! A glycemic value of zero represents a sweetener that has “no effect” on blood sugar levels. Furthermore, unlike the less expensive sugar alcohols, erythritol is a very tiny molecule that is rapidly absorbed from the small intestine instead of being metabolized. This means that erythritol, although sweet in your mouth, is the least likely to add calories or cause digestive upset. We use erythritol instead of maltitol because we believe, based on personal experience, that maltitol sabotages low carb diets and is of limited value to diabetics.

We use a special blend of natural, low carb sweeteners to enhance your sweet experience. We personally test each ingredient in order to get the most pleasure and satiety per net carb count. Currently there are three accessory sweeteners. Inulin, aka "oligofructose", used in the Milk and Ultra Dark varieties, are natural plant dietary fibers that taste sweet while minimally impacting serum glucose or insulin secretion. We use specific lengths of these fibers because our taste tests showed that they offered the best texture for the least glycemic impact. These fibers also confer nutritional and intestinal benefits as prebiotics.

We add micro amounts of two artificial sweeteners, sucralose and AceK, to round out the sweet experience in our Milk and Ultra Dark chocolates. In contrast, there are no artificial sweeteners in our new Sweet Dark chocolate so the taste experience is different. Sucralose is one of the ingredients in Splenda. We use it to produce the sweet aftertaste that people expect and love in chocolate. AceK is a very common, non-caloric artificial sweetener that acts synergistically in very tiny amounts so less total sweetener can be used in the final confection.

We mix and match sweeteners to get the best taste in a healthful way for our carb conscious and diabetic customers.

Our determination to use only the finest, truest low glycemic ingredients offers you a way to enjoy sweets and still stay safely sugar free and low carb. There is no longer any reason to sacrifice the great taste of chocolate.

To your success!

Arlene and Donna

Always bringing you the largest variety of genuine, low glycemic, ketogenic alternatives to sugared chocolates since 2003